Meet G&G AutoMax​

G&G AutoMax was founded by owner and proprietor Wolfgang Hofacker in 2002.  For the 20 years before G&G AutoMax, Wolfgang co-managed G&G Auto Sales with partner Gene Pratt.  After Pratt's retirement in 2001, Wolfgang consolidated the sales office with the neighboring establishment Pratt's Tire Center, and the new 'G&G AutoMax' was born.  Wolfgang's business has served the automotive needs of the community ever since, just as G&G and Pratt's did for so many years before.



​A word from Wolfgang: 


"Whether you are having your vehicle repaired or purchasing a used vehicle, there is nothing more powerful than a trusting relationship.  At AutoMax, we make the personal effort to keep you and your family happy.  We understand that your vehicle is your only form of transportation, and turn-around time is crucial.  We understand when your check engine light is flashing on Friday and you are going on vacation Saturday morning.  Customer service is always a top priority, but we go beyond that - we will treat you like family." 



G&G AutoMax represents Maximum Service & Maximum Value!
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